What California Chrome taught us

It would have been a great story.

The owners were called "dumb asses" for buying the mother.

So, they named their partnership Dumb Ass Partners.

One of the owner's sister died at the age of 36.

California Chrome was born on her birthday.

The last Triple Crown winner was crowned 36 years ago.

Yeah, a real life fairy tale, chock full of signs from above, and magic all around, the kind of shit I really eat up.

How it should have ended:
California Chrome moves "like a machine," leaving the other horses in the dust at the Belmont Stakes.

What actually happened: 
Not that.

The Stop and Blog the Roses' revised Hollywood script:
California Chrome loses in New York.
He doesn't win the Triple Crown.
The owner is interviewed and says, "I'm disappointed … very disappointed ... but I would just like to say," chokes up, "I am so proud of this horse. So, so proud of him.  And I am so thankful to him for taking us on this adventure and thankful, too, to everyone who rooted for him and us."

Don't get me wrong, I happen to love people who don't hold back, who really tell it like it is, who just let it rip. I'm an emotional person.  I love other emotional people who don't try to hide what they're feeling.  I also - being a lawyer and a Libra (the scales) - fume in the face of injustice.  I completely agree with everything he said.  All of the horses should have to race all of the races.  But, that aside, my revisionist history is still a Hollywood ending because one thing is true: I'm proud of you, California Chrome!


It's still a great story. Be thankful and proud of Chrome for what he did do, Steve Coburn! Dumb ass. (kidding)

Thank you for reading.
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