Q&A with Tara Scalzo

Fellow CN blogger Tara Scalzo writes Red & Company and, as her bio states, she's a "Chicago native, freelance writer/blogger and full time mom with a wicked sense of humor and a love of cheap wine. She documents her everyday adventures and observations - in the raw, full of snark, but always honest. Tara has been featured on the WGN Morning News, as well as the Roe and Roeper Show on WLS talk radio" and now Stop and Blog the Roses, too! Look out.

This red-haired Irish gal married an Italian fella.  See what she has to say about love & marriage. 

Tara and her husband decided to do a "30 Day Sex Challenge." What will she tell her son one day? And who on the WGN Morning News team would she have a fling with?

We play word association.  Who is Jimmy Greenfield?  Why, our fearless leader here at ChicagoNow, that's who. 

Tara reads comments from her most … um … passionate - yes, passionate - readers!  Warning: The term "meat curtains" is used and certainly not by Tara or me. 

In the spirit of Roses, today I am grateful ~
that I got to spend an afternoon with this fabulous lady! Thank you, Tara, for being such a good sport. Your bio doesn't lie. You do have a wicked sense of humor!


Thank you for reading.
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