Thank you, "Your Tan May Be Killing You"

Fellow CN blogger DonnaJeanne writes Your Tan May Be Killing You.  As she describes it, "As a Stage IV Melanoma patient, it is my goal to teach you ways that you can avoid Melanoma because I'd love to keep you out of my shoes."

If it wasn't
Donna herself,
her blog,
the blog's name (if that doesn't open your eyes and make you examine your moles),
something made me make an appointment with the dermatologist.
I think it was all of the above.

And, for that, in the spirit of Roses, I say Thank you, Donna!

I got 'checked.' It was fast. It was painless. It was a relief to know nothing looked suspicious.

So, please, to everyone reading this, in the spirit of Your Tan May Be Killing You, if you
spent any summers at the beach as a child or adult, get checked!
spent any time in a tanning booth, get checked!
spent any summers at the pool as a child or adult, get checked!
spent any summers at the Jersey Shore sporting a t-shirt that says "Whoever dies with the best tan wins," get checked!

I repeat: It's fast and it's painless.  One side effect? Your husband might develop a crush on the dermatologist.

After my exam, I immediately texted H, "You should really make a derma appointment. You have some funny looking moles.  Try to get one with this Dr. M.  She's very thorough."

So, he did and shortly afterward, this text exchange ensued:

H: Is this doctor a Victoria Secret model on the weekends?

Me: Lol. Yes, she is very pretty.

H: You could have warned me.

Me: Why?

H: Because she looks like Julia Roberts meets Pocahantas. I was expecting Mrs. Doubtfire.


H: How would you feel if I told you to go to the dermatologist to get your naked body inspected and didn't warn you the doctor looked like George Clooney?

Me: I guess it would be awkward but it goes fast.

H: I wish it lasted longer.  Lvu. Talk later.

Now, H thinks we should get checked more than once a year, maybe every week.  You know, just to be safe.  But only if Dr. Pocahantas Roberts is available, of course.

So, yes, your spouse might develop a crush on the dermatologist but you know you have nothing to worry about - when it comes to him and when it comes to your health.  Because even if something looks suspicious, the earlier it's caught, the better. So, get checked!

Lastly, guess who's shaving their head for St. Baldricks? No, not me. DONNA!  Check out her page here and feel free to donate any amount, big or small.

Thank you for reading!
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