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Who do you think you are?

is one of my favorite shows. And, now, the not rich and not famous version … My father has been doing a little research on his father’s side of the family.  He sent the following letter to the Fernicola family of Altoona, Pennsylvania. 3/7/2014 Dear Fernicola Family,  I am writing to you to see if... Read more »

Albert Einstein and the Law of Attraction

Like all of us at various times, his life could be – allow me to use a technical term here – a ‘total shitstorm.’ A headmaster at his school said he would never amount to much. After college, he was unable get a doctoral dissertation accepted or an academic job. He had a daughter before... Read more »

Thank you, "Your Tan May Be Killing You"

Fellow CN blogger DonnaJeanne writes Your Tan May Be Killing You.  As she describes it, “As a Stage IV Melanoma patient, it is my goal to teach you ways that you can avoid Melanoma because I’d love to keep you out of my shoes.” If it wasn’t Donna herself, her blog, the blog’s name (if... Read more »

How To: BLOG!

In my humble opinion and in quite the nutshell, of course. Let me back up. Among some of the extraordinary experiences I’ve had since moving to Chicago, interning at The Chicago Reporter is in my top 5 list.  It was 2009, I was a lawyer transitioning into journalism and new to the city. You take... Read more »

Mean girls: Have girls gotten meaner OR …

Have we always been this way? Recently, Sarah Jessica Parker – an actress I admire and adore and who starred in my favorite television show of all time – told British Harpers Bazaar that she’s baffled by the cruelty of women today. I read this, sat back in my chair and … FLASHBACK. 9th grade. Friday... Read more »