How To: BLOG!

In my humble opinion and in quite the nutshell, of course.

Let me back up.
Among some of the extraordinary experiences I've had since moving to Chicago, interning at The Chicago Reporter is in my top 5 list.  It was 2009, I was a lawyer transitioning into journalism and new to the city.

You take adult interns? I'll learn to do that thing called 'fact check?' It sounds so glamorous. I'll interview people with a tape recorder?  I'll get that other thing called a byline?  My name?  Really?  Sign me up!

It was the perfect thing for me and it came with the added bonus of learning about the city through social justice issues I would have probably never been exposed to or learned about PLUS the added cherry on top bonus of meeting some of the smartest, nicest, most interesting people I'll ever meet.  Among them -- Jeff Kelly Lowenstein.

Jeff is currently teaching a class on blogging at Columbia College of Chicago and asked me to be a guest speaker.

Talk about myself and Stop and Blog the Roses to an audience? An audience required to stay and listen for credit?  I don't like the term 'captive' but uh, yeah, ... Sign me up!

And here are the main points I tried to get across to my captives, I mean pupils.  This is Ferny's Blogging Bible: A How To.

1. In the beginning, there was law.
I was a lawyer. We've covered this.
But, before Roses, there was The Bar-tender.  That was the legal blog I wrote for ChicagoNow where I went to the courthouse each day, went through all of the cases filed and wrote about whatever jumped out - usually the salacious ones and the slip and falls.  The rest of them - breach of contract cases - are just not sexy.
And so, I was the Jerry Springer of bloggers.
It didn't feel right.  What to do if something doesn't feel right? STOP!  ... And Blog The Roses

2. So, I did.  I quit Bar-tending and started this blog on June 1, 2010 and, for 365 days, I blogged every single day, ending each post with at least three things to be grateful for.
On the 365th day, I was grateful the year was over.
But, while blogging everyday for a year - or doing anything everyday for one year - is not easy, you should still do it! It made writing a habit, it made blogging a habit, it made my grateful state of mind a habit.  And these are healthy habits.  And that is a good thing.

3. Another thing that became a habit after that year - When something funny, sad, silly, stupid, happy or ridiculous happens, don't just stand there, write that blog post in your head.  And then write it for real when you get home.  Everything is blog material, once you start paying attention.  

So, in the spirit of Roses, today I am grateful ~
1/ to Jeff Kelly Lowenstein for asking me to speak to his class. Check out Jeff's blog and take a look at his amazing adventure last semester in Chile here.
2/ to Sal Barry, Jeff's co-teacher, and also a CN blogger himself.  Check out Sal's blog here.
3/ to the students, who asked so many great questions.

Lastly, a good blog always has at least one image. So, here we are ...

Aaaaand, class dismissed.



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Thank you for reading!
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