#ThankfulThursday: 5 Best Pins

It's #ThankfulThursday on the internet.  In the spirit of Roses, here's to five pins that capture the essence of thankfulness.

It's about the little things. 
I love you, coffee.  I really love you, buddy.

the little things


(Found on Candance Lawson's All Things Coffee Board on Pinterest via Lawrence Perry)

And the big things.
Health is wealth.

the big things


(Found on Dr. Melanie Greenberg's Personal Growth & Motivation Board via Harv Eker International)

And the funny things.

the funny things


(Found on Jill Rhodes My Life Board)

And the things that make you go, "Hmmm, well, when you look at it that way..."



(Found on Michelle Bratton's Quotes and Inspiration Board)

And EVERYthing. This pin makes me go, "OH! Dear Universe/G0d, in the event there's a catch all provision, I would like to exercise it and say thank you for absolutely everything.  Ev-ery-thing. Thanks."



(Found on Brassy Apple's Just Say It Board)


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