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Donna Day: A child with cancer needs what?

Have you met Donna?  Donna is fellow CN blogger Mary Tyler Mom’s daughter. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 20 months old and died shortly after turning four. She was a beautiful little girl – inside and out – who liked to dance and whose favorite color was black. I know this because... Read more »

Strange Encounters of the A-hole Kind

Magoo, our cat, had a 10:30AM appointment for his annual check up on Saturday. Me to H: Can you take him? I have to go the gym, go to Whole Foods, go to Walgreens, write, get my eyebrows threaded. H: No problem. Me to H: Oh wait, it’s near my eyebrow place. Okay, I’ll go... Read more »

Valentine's Day: Three Kinds of Sad

If you don’t care for Valentine’s Day or don’t care to have a Valentine or don’t have a Valentine and don’t care, good for you! I’ve enjoyed several Galentine’s Days – Valentine’s Day with your gal friends – and they were what they should be: Fun! But I’m not going to lie – there were... Read more »

#ThankfulThursday: 5 Best Pins

It’s #ThankfulThursday on the internet.  In the spirit of Roses, here’s to five pins that capture the essence of thankfulness. It’s about the little things.  I love you, coffee.  I really love you, buddy.   (Found on Candance Lawson’s All Things Coffee Board on Pinterest via Lawrence Perry) And the big things. Health is wealth.... Read more »

Blog Hop: Why do you write?

Welcome to my first blog hop! While I may be a creative type (a writer, a blogger), I’m also still a nerd at heart (a CPA and a lawyer) and I will, therefore, follow these blog hop directions to a T (pushes glasses up nose). Here we go. STEP ONE: Acknowledge the person & site... Read more »