Use the fine china, already: The Story of a Wedding Painting

One of H and my favorite things about our wedding was the artist.

We had an artist - the amazing Martin Hardy - who did an oil painting of our reception.


I have to give credit to H's cousins Jonathan & Alene, who were married a year before us and were the first to use him. All the cousins who got married after them all had Martin there! How could we not? How cool is this?

The final product turned out so beautifully, we took a picture of it and made it our thank you cards.

And that was the last we saw of it.

Not because it got stolen or damaged or lost or accidentally sold at a garage sale.

But because we were afraid.

We have been married for three and a half years and for three and a half years, the painting has sat in my in laws' house in New Jersey, in a spare bedroom, safely tucked in the canvas bag in which it was presented to us.

Many times while we were home at my in laws', H and I would say, "Let's look at the painting!"

Barbs (my mother in law) would go upstairs, bring it down, unwrap it and there'd be this dialogue:

H: We can't ship it.  What if it gets lost.
Me: We can insure it.
H: For what? It's priceless.
Me: Maybe we can drive it back.
H: Maybe we can bring it on the plane.
Me: Where would it fit on the plane?
H: Where they hang garment bags.
Me: Yeah and then some klutzy guy stuffs his golf clubs in the closet and pokes a hole through it.
H: Maybe we can unstaple the canvas and roll it up?
Barbs: SHIP THE F*&$#@!^&%$#@ THING ALREADY!
H: ... No.  What if it gets lost.
Me:  It is priceless.

So, there it went, back in the black bag and back upstairs at the Ronay's.

This went on for years (three & a half, yes), until we were home for the holidays a few weeks ago and Mr. & Mrs. Ship My Pants - the couple who'd been afraid to ship their wedding painting - decided it really is too special to not be enjoyed and gave the brave order:  (deep breath) SHIP IT, BARBS!

We had no time to go to UPS ourselves while we were home for the holidays, of course.  I mean, between being carted around to and from social engagements and eating all of the leftovers, the Swoopers were busy.

So, Barbs did it for us.

And, it arrived today.

Ta-da!  Over our bed.  Not sure this does it justice and, yes, it needs a frame but that's the point - it doesn't matter.  It really is too special to not be enjoyed now.

wedding painting

In the spirit of Roses, today I am grateful to ~
1/ Martin Hardy
2/ Barbs, the original Mrs. Ship My Pants
3/ and UPS.



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