Facebook changes: Fan page administrators unite!

A few months ago, in my blog post titled "Boobs and Cheesecake," I noted how, for bloggers, Facebook is king.

Actually, I said "Twitter may be popular but Facebook is Queen of the Internet Jungle.  It's where people hang out and get their kicks and bloggers get their clicks.  Speaking of, if you would kindly give a girl a LIKE here - in the spirit of Stop and Blog the Roses, I would be so grateful."

But, lately, His Royal Highness - Mark Zuckerberg - is angering his subjects.

He/Facebook has been tinkering with the algorithm that determines what shows up in your news feed.

This means that many bloggers who've spent many hours, days, weeks, months, years building up their fan pages are seeing recent posts only reach a fraction of the people who "Liked" their page.

king mark z

Facebook's explanation: They want more 'quality content' to show up in news feeds and less viral content (i.e. Buzzfeed posts and viral "Like this if you're against bullying" type pics).

The more likely explanation: They want bloggers to use the 'boost post' option which costs money - not a lot of money but still, it would add up - and posts will then show up in the news feeds of people who've already "Liked" the page.  While I appreciate that Facebook has been free for a very long time, that it's as popular as it is, that it's connected me and my blog to a lot of people I would not have otherwise been able to connect with, I'm not prepared to pay for posts.

So, where's the guillotine?  I mean, um, is there a way around it all?

1. Some have suggested fans go to their page and hover over "Liked" and then click "Get Notifications."  What I don't like about this option is that fans will log on to Facebook and see that little red number in the corner, think someone liked their status, only to find Fern Ronay posted a photo - a funny photo, yes, or a link to one of her high quality, always entertaining blog posts but they might not want to be literally 'notified' every time I do something on FB.  If you'd like to be notified with a little red alert every time I post, by all means, click "Get Notifications," but otherwise, please do option 2.

2. Make sure you're "Following" me.
Well, first, make sure you "Like" my page.  (HERE YOU GO!)
Then, make sure you have clicked the button next to "Liked" and instead of "Follow," make sure it says "Following."

fb fern

It all sounds more complicated than it is.  Yes, it was easier when there was the "Show in News Feed" option but it seems that was sent to the tower.

So, please, Like, Follow and, in the spirit of Roses, know how much I appreciate you reading my blog and the FB connection!


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