Dreams: What do our crazy ones mean?

Well, I actually wrote a whole book about this.  My first novel is about a single 29 year old, Manhattan lawyer who is guided in her dreams by her dead Italian grandparents.

However, those are 'visits', not dreams.  (After you read the book, you'll understand the distinction.)  But, what about those dreams that we fuzzily remember the next morning and involve bronzed unicorns eating Reese's Pieces in your parents' basement?

What does it all mean? I don't know about the unicorns but I will attempt to decipher these two -

Dream 1: 

A few months ago, I bolted up in the middle of the night, screaming in terror.  I actually don't remember it but, apparently, I told H, in a tone so serious it was as if I was giving him the combination to the safe containing the Hope Diamond:

"When ... you ... make ice ... use TWO trays."

I must have woken up right after this because I do remember H saying "You hear that, Magoo (our cat)? Use two trays when you make ice.  Okay, I will.  Go back to sleep."

Meaning of dream 1: Who the hell knows.  It doesn't make sense for so many reasons, including the fact that we don't make ice at the Ronay house.  Our refrigerator - the haphazard little bastard appliance that required us to defrost it twice in 2013 and throw out all of our food - yes, twice! - at least makes ice.
Hmmm, maybe it means the big appliance store owes us two trays full of money.

It's a baffler, for sure.  Moving on.

Dream 2:

Email on Monday from one of my best friends from high school to my friend G and me:

Hi Guys! I had the craziest dream last night and you both were in it! I was on a train with my 4 year old daughter, and I got a text from both of you asking which cabin I was in. Then you asked me to come to the dining car to join you for lunch. I was dressed in skinny jeans, a black top and boots; you both were dressed in full gowns (Anne of Green Gables style) and big fancy hats (Royal wedding style). We had quinoa and white wine and you kept calling me darling. Then my one year old was crying so I woke up. Crazy! Thought you would enjoy a laugh to start your day!

Meaning of dream 2: Easy! Got this one.  It means, plainly and clearly, that 1. G and I should get together with high school friends who weren't able to make the recent reunion and 2. I should get my petticoat dry cleaned.

Boom. Easy.

Tell me your fuzzy dreams below.  Let's decipher them. 


And in the spirit of Roses, I am always grateful for ~
1/ food in my refrigerator and belly
2/ silly stories and silly dreams and silly dreams that make funny stories
3/ hearing from old friends.


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