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Japonais by Morimoto Grand Opening Event

I watch a lot of things on Bravo.  I wish I could say most of it, or at least some of it, included the cooking shows like Top Chef but, alas, the only cooking I see is done by the Giudices.  Remember when they made sausage? That was nuts. Anyway, when one of my favorite... Read more »

Use the fine china, already: The Story of a Wedding Painting

One of H and my favorite things about our wedding was the artist. We had an artist – the amazing Martin Hardy – who did an oil painting of our reception. The final product turned out so beautifully, we took a picture of it and made it our thank you cards. And that was the... Read more »

Dreams: What do our crazy ones mean?

Well, I actually wrote a whole book about this.  My first novel is about a single 29 year old, Manhattan lawyer who is guided in her dreams by her dead Italian grandparents. However, those are ‘visits’, not dreams.  (After you read the book, you’ll understand the distinction.)  But, what about those dreams that we fuzzily... Read more »

How to Live in Interfaith Harmony

This is not a clinical how to. If you’re struggling with interfaith issues in your relationship or friendship or life, I’d suggest talking with your pastor, priest, rabbi or a counselor.  If you want to know the Ferny How To Guide to Life, keep reading. 1. Seek cultural advice from willing mentors, like my friend... Read more »

Polar Vortex: 4 "It's so cold that this happened" stories

It’s so cold… 1. An escaped convict went back to jail where it’s warm.  A Kentucky inmate managed to escape prison on Sunday but with a temperature of 3 degrees and a wind chill of -17 in Lexington, he actually turned himself back in.  Read about it here. 2. The polar bear at the Lincoln... Read more »

Facebook changes: Fan page administrators unite!

A few months ago, in my blog post titled “Boobs and Cheesecake,” I noted how, for bloggers, Facebook is king. Actually, I said “Twitter may be popular but Facebook is Queen of the Internet Jungle.  It’s where people hang out and get their kicks and bloggers get their clicks.  Speaking of, if you would kindly give... Read more »