8 Reasons to Work Out in the Morning

January 1, 2014 is an anniversary for me.

In January 2004, I made a New Year's Resolution to work out in the morning before work.

And, I've stuck to it ever since.

At the time, I was a lawyer in NYC and had already been working for 16 months.  I had very little control over my schedule and there were a host of other distractions.

But, working out in the AM solved it all.

1/ My job couldn't get in the way.  No matter how late or how hard I had to work, the window from 6AM - 7AM was mine.  All mine!  When I had to stay late for work unexpectedly, it didn't derail my workout schedule.  My workout was already out of the way.  I no longer had to skip the gym because of my job.

2/ It's meditative.  I cherished - and still do cherish - that time in the morning.  When I was working in NY though, I marveled - and relished - that I was getting up while it was still dark out, putting on my gym clothes and bundling up to walk the few blocks to sweat, sweat, sweat.  Afterwards, I'd stop for coffee at the local bodega and, after I got home and showered, I'd sit on my couch, sip my coffee, watch the news and put on my makeup for work.  It was my morning meditative routine.

3/ Friends couldn't get in the way.  Like 1/ I no longer had to skip the gym because drinks with my friends called.  My workout was out of the way.

4/ Dates couldn't get in the way. I am married now but back then, when I was a champagne bubble about town (I borrow that phrase from Plum Sykes) looking for my one true love, it was like having another job!  Dating takes time and effort!  Like 1/ though, I no longer had to skip the gym because drinks with a certain fella called.  My workout was out of the way.

5/ TV couldn't get in the way.  Like 1/ I no longer had to skip the gym because I had to find out who got eliminated on American Idol (I used to watch back then. ) I repeat: my workout was out of the way.

6/ I had/have more energy.  Before 2004, I recall reading that working out in the morning actually gives you more energy throughout the day and I recall thinking "That makes no sense and is total bologna."  It's not bologna. Or bullshit.  Seriously, I am proof that you will feel more energized the rest of the day.

7/ I like working out on an empty stomach. Whether this is 'right' is debatable but I find it difficult to work out with a day's full of food in my belly.

8/ I slept/sleep better.  I also find it hard to work out, shower and then try to go to sleep.  I sleep better with the day behind me and a good workout 8-10 (yes 10!) hours ahead of me.

In the spirit of Roses, here's to
solutions that stick
and all the morning workouts that have left me sweaty and sore since 2004.

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