Holiday Gifts: Where to draw the line

Flashback: Few decades ago - taking a lunch break at the diner while out on an all day holiday shopping trip with my mom, family friend Anna and Anna's daughter -

Anna, perusing her list of who else she still needs to buy for: Niece, nephew, neighbor ... who else?  ... oh, Linda.
My mom: Who's Linda?
Anna: My dental hygienist.
My mom: Your dental hygienist? You don't need to buy her a gift!
Anna: She's such a nice girl!
Me: If you had to go to a psychologist for buying too many gifts for people, you'd buy the psychologist a gift! HAHA HAHA HAHA

I was 8 or 9 and thought that was particularly clever of me.

Flashforward: Yesterday - on my way out the door to a dentist appointment -

Me, to H: I'm getting the dry cleaner a box of chocolates.  I don't think they deliver everyone's clothes.  They're so sweet.  Oh and the doorman Sam, we should get him something extra besides the building gift.  I'll get him a gift certificate to Starbucks.  He likes Starbucks.  He makes fun of my Dunkin Donuts.  Ok, see you later.

At my dentist appointment -

Me to my young dental hygienist: Hi! Happy Holidays!
Hygienist: I love your red sweater! So festive!
Me: Thank you!

Me, to myself: Oh my G0d, she's such a nice girl! I feel horrible, showing up empty handed at the holidays. I should have brought her a box of chocolates. Or maybe she wouldn't like that being in the dental industry.  Damn. I should have picked up a Starbucks gift card.  Everyone drinks coffee, even if they sip it so it doesn't touch their teeth.  Or maybe - OH MY G0D! I'M ANNA JUNIOR!

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And, in the spirit of Roses, here's to
all of the people I want to buy chocolates for - I guess I feel lucky to have such nice girls and guys in our life circles
and that I'm Anna Junior. She's a pretty good person to emulate and I can't wait to see her on Christmas - they always stop over for antipasto.

And that my immediate family nixed the gift giving in favor of just buying for the kids (and, for some of us, dry cleaners and dental assistants). No, I don't have kids but I don't mind one bit - it cuts down on time, money and stress.  Happy Holidays, indeed! You can read that post from the Archives here.


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