Ginger Zee & the Law of Attraction

While we do love Sam Champion at the Ronay house (we loved how much he loved Ship My Pants and thanks for the retweet!) ~

sam champion

we also love Ginger Zee and are so happy for her on her promotion at GMA!

It couldn't happen to a nicer person. How do I know? No, I don't know her but I have met her. And, when you add up all of the following:

1/ In 2010, while she was still at NBC in Chicago, I emailed her requesting an informational meeting after I attended a NATAS Chicago panel discussion that she had moderated.

2/ She graciously took time out of her schedule to meet with me and give me advice about on-camera work.

3/ After that, I sent her my reel and she took the time to review it and write back with some extremely helpful advice.

She doesn't know me.  She doesn't know anyone I know.  I didn't know anyone at the NATAS panel.  I went by myself.

She could have very easily ignored my email.  She didn't.

She could have very easily not reviewed my reel.  But she did.

I would say that all equals ... she seems to be a pretty nice person.

Best of all, I remember this piece of advice. She described how, for a long time, her password was "TodayIn5," meaning she was putting it out into the universe that her goal was to be on the Today Show in five years.

And, she was.  During her time at NBC in Chicago, she was on a weekend edition of the Today Show.

But, the universe was paying attention and, it seems with a wink and a nod, gave her one better.  CONGRATULATIONS, GINGER ZEE!



In the spirit of Roses, today, I am grateful ~
for good advice and good people - what really makes the world universe go round.


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