7 Surprises of 2013

Not in the news of the world but in the world of Stop and Blog the Roses, which would really just be the life of Fern Ronay, your intrepid blogger here, at your service and for your entertainment.

1/ The success of Ship My Pants.  Let's just start the list off with the obvious.  When my husband's commercial first came out and I saw that it had 300 views on YouTube, I was so excited.  "It has 300 views! Look!"  And now it has 20 million.  That was a surprise.  But, he's a funny guy and people love their ship jokes.  A winning combination.

Read about my husband, a very punny Jew, here.

2/ Little old ladies can surprise you.  We went to Hawaii in the spring.  One morning, I went down to the gift shop for a bottle of water and a very old, Hawaiian woman with gray hair was behind the counter.  As she rang me up, she said she was putting a "special free gift" in my bag.  Aw, she's so sweet!

It was this.

hawaii calendar

Huh ... uh ... thank you.

3/ Steve Harvey called. When I tried to get tickets to be in the studio audience, I heard nothing.  When I submitted an "Ask Steve" question, the next thing I knew I was getting my makeup done at the NBC studio.  That was surprising ... and so much fun.

See me ask Steve a question here.

4/ Twitter makes everyone accessible.  Everyone and anyone. Get on the tweet machine and check out who I've corresponded with in 2013.

tweet 1tweet 7tweet 10tweet 9tweet 5tweet 6tweet 8 tweet 11      tweet 4 tweet 3tweet 2tweet 12

5/ Boobs. Oh, boobs sure do boost a post.  This should not be surprising at all but still, I was surprised in 2013.

One of my most popular posts - about summer office attire entitled "Boobs in the Workplace" - can be read here.

6/ And if you ever go to Asheville, NC, you may get the surprise of your life while sitting down for a late lunch with your husband, in laws, 10 year old nephew and 8 year old niece.  Read about that here.

7/ There are other believers. When I blogged about how my grandfather sends me pennies from the other side, I knew I wasn't the only believer.  But the overwhelming response still surprised me.

Check out that blog post here.


Yes, it's been quite a year.  But isn't every year when you look back?  And, is it me or are they flying by?
What surprised you this year?  Tell me in the comments or on Twitter @FernRonay or on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/FernRonay

And in the spirit of Roses, today I am grateful for ~
surprises, of course - and I mean the pleasant ones only, the ones that will go on the highlight reel of your life, the ones that make life funnier, sweeter, rosier.

Thank you for reading and may your 2014 be full of sweet surprises!



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