DirecTV + PS3 + Sunday Ticket = Fight for your right to Football

The facts:

I am a Dallas Cowboys fan (How did that happen?  Read this - Unlikely Football Fans: A Pair of Nuns and Me)

I live in Chicago.

Because I live in Chicago, not every Cowboy game is on television.

Because it is 2013, I have should have options.

Option 1: Can I buy DirecTV's Sunday Ticket? No. It is not available in my building. (Another story, another day, another blog).

Option 2: Can I buy a PS3 and never play a single game because I am a thirty-something year old woman, I mean really, and use it only and exclusively for one thing - that is, DirecTV's Sunday Ticket?

YES. Yes, I can.

... if it were 2012.

Unfortunately, it is 2013.  And that means the monopoly and control DirecTV has over my life and fandom continues.

Oh, there are more solutions, you say?
You can buy Madden 25th Anniversary edition and get a code to use on your PS3?
Let's do it!
We tried ...
The response:  Sold out.  No longer available.

Ok, beggars can't be choosers.  Let's buy it online.
We tried ...
The response: DirecTV Sunday Ticket indicates you already have the service at your address.
(Yeah, because we had it on PS3 last year, DirecTV's super smart computer system reads it this way and we are unable to purchase the online option.)

We can't win.
And I'm not talking about the Cowboys.


The question:

If DirecTV is the only provider of the NFL games I want to see, is that a monopoly?

The answer: 

Who cares. I'm so aggravated I can't even think straight.

A better question: 

If DirecTV is the only provider of the NFL games I want to see and they make it available on my television in 2012 but not in 2013, does that make them the biggest tease in modern times?

The answer: 


But, 'tease' is too polite.  I like dirtbag.  Biggest dirtbag company in modern times.

Fern Ronay vs. DirecTV has just kicked off.

football lady

In the spirit of Stop and Blog the Roses, I am grateful ~
for 2012, when we were able to watch any NFL game on our television.  Ah, those were the good ol' days.  That was a great year.
And, I'm not talking about the Cowboys.

football online
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