A bar mitzvah, a teal prom dress & a catering hall: Do you believe in destiny?

On this day, thirty years ago, my husband celebrated his bar mitzvah at the one and only Richfield Regency in Verona, New Jersey.

Supposedly, there was a band, a conga line and a blonde lead singer who led the conga line with her 'nice tushy.' [When an Italian marries a nice Jewish boy, you learn things.  "We say 'tushy.'" "We say 'coolie.'" We compromise.]

Something else happened at the Richfield Regency.

This past June, twenty years ago, I went to my prom in a teal dress (that is not a typo. Yes, I wrote "teal") at the one and only Richfield Regency in Verona, New Jersey.

The days leading up to the prom were not without drama.  Like a scene out of Gossip Girl - the not rich, northern New Jersey suburban version - I had a boyfriend.  And I had a friend.  And I had another friend.  The one friend told the other friend that my boyfriend - who didn't go to our school - called her behind my back.  What?  Why are you calling her?  I'm not taking you to the prom!  I'm taking ... um ... him!

The guy I ended up taking was a year younger than me, ran out and rented a tux and escorted me like a true gentleman.  Later that year, I would learn while away at college, he was voted Homecoming King.  [And many years after that, I would run into him at a bar at the Jersey Shore. I would also run into our health teacher - that is not a typo.  Yes, our high school health teacher - out at a bar, at the Jersey Shore].

So, there I was - in teal and in tears.  Heartbroken.

But, everything happens for a reason.  Little did I know, the angels of destiny were swirling around me and chirping in my ear "Cheer up! You have no idea how it's all going to work out.  But, we can assure you, it's all going to work out.  In fact, you are standing in the very place - THE very place - where, ten years earlier, your future husband celebrated his bar mitzvah.  How's that for destiny?"

In the spirit of Stop and Blog the Roses, here's to ~
living in the moment,
trusting that what will be will be
the Richfield Caterers, as my mother in law calls it, where destiny convenes.
And congas and cries, but mostly convenes.

Do you believe in destiny? Tell me in the comments.


The one and only ~


You would think, naturally, we'd have to get married at the Richfield Caterers.
But, we liked the Woodcliff Lake Hilton.

Here is the bar mitzvah boy and the girl who wore teal to her prom ~




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