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A bar mitzvah, a teal prom dress & a catering hall: Do you believe in destiny?

On this day, thirty years ago, my husband celebrated his bar mitzvah at the one and only Richfield Regency in Verona, New Jersey. Supposedly, there was a band, a conga line and a blonde lead singer who led the conga line with her ‘nice tushy.’ [When an Italian marries a nice Jewish boy, you learn... Read more »

5 Reasons to Go to Your High School Reunion

In 2007, people kept saying to me “Why aren’t you on Facebook?” and I kept saying “I don’t get it. I’m already in touch with everyone I want to be in touch with. What’s the point? … I have email.  … and oh, I’m on LinkedIn!” to which those same people would shake their heads... Read more »

9/11: To Do Today: Tell my loved ones that I love them

I grew up twenty minutes from NYC and visited the World Trade Center as a child in the 1980s.  This is the brochure from that visit. I think about a lot of things on 9/11 – where I was that morning; the fact that I used to work right there in lower Manhattan; of all... Read more »

Asheville, NC: The Greatest Show on Earth

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up.  We should have known within fifteen minutes of arriving, when my sister in law asked for directions, we were in for a show. A young, shaggy haired man appeared to be the person in charge of several tables of jewelry for sale on a street corner and, one would... Read more »