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Camp Gyno

At first, my mouth dropped. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate gutsy ads. Still, I thought: "I know we're talking about the lady parts here but This.Takes.BALLS."

Now, I've watched it somewhere between twenty and a thousand times and can't stop laughing. Downloading 'Queen Bee' as we speak.


Speaking of balls ...

A woman stole a man's Amazon package right off his front steps.  So, he created this poster.

Description of Perp: Jerk
Eyes: Vacant, uncaring, and lacking a soul
Hair: Cheesy blonde dye job
Distinguishing marks: Shameful and super awkward running style
Parental involvement: Lacking

I vote for Amazing.

wanted poster


FBI reopens case of Chicago infant snatched in 1964

In 1964, a boy named Paul Joseph Fronczak was snatched from a hospital by a woman posing as a nurse. Fourteen months later, a toddler was found abandoned in Newark, N.J. and, believed to be the boy after an investigation by the FBI, was sent to Fronczak's parents.
However, earlier this year, DNA tests indicated that the man who has been living as Paul Joseph Fronczak for almost fifty years is not him.

I'm fascinated by this story. Adding this to my list of cases to follow. I hope it gets solved and resolved for all.

This also reminded me of another story I recently added to my cases to follow list - the story of a woman with two identities and no name, a lockbox her husband was forbidden to open and the name of an attorney scribbled on a piece of paper with the words "402 months" - read about it here.


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