Boobs and Cheesecake: Things I learned from blogging

1. People like lists.  They like them numbered.  They like them funny.  They like them on the short side. Pictures help too.  (Check out some lists of blogging the roses past and present here.)

2. When shit happens, don't get mad. Blog about it.  Every annoyance, funny story, outrageous story, irritating memory becomes a bloggable moment. Like this, for one recent example.

3. Don't be afraid to blog about your beliefs, no matter how strange or offbeat you think they may be (example: you believe THIS?).  You may just find more kindred spirits than you ever expected who believe the exact same thing.

4. Twitter may be popular but Facebook is Queen of the Internet Jungle.  It's where people hang out and get their kicks and bloggers get their clicks.
Speaking of, if you would kindly give a girl a LIKE here - in the spirit of Stop and Blog the Roses, I would be so grateful.

5. And, last but not least - Key words in a title are important. My most 'Liked' posts have included two popular words in the title -
National Cheesecake Day and Boobs in the Workplace

Yes, people love their cheesecake and they love their boobs.  Pictures not included on this list.  This is a family show.

Thank you for reading!
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