Chain of events: If one thing hadn't happened ...

I really wanted to go to Fordham Law School.  My family is in New Jersey.  I was already working in NYC.  I loved NYC.  All of my friends were there.  I was convinced I was meant to be there.  I was meant to go to Fordham for law school and that was that.

Then, my application got lost in the mail.

Oh yes ... you can only imagine how happy that made me.



But! ... if it hadn't gotten lost in the mail ...

I wouldn't have gone to Boston College Law School

And I wouldn't have met one of my best friends, CW

And I wouldn't have been at CW's coworker's birthday party on that fateful night of 7/7/07

And I wouldn't have met H ...

My husband.

Have you ever tried to trace a chain of events? Tell me in the comments!

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And, in the spirit of Roses, I am forever grateful to ~
the US Postal Service, of course. ... Should have invited the Postmaster General to the wedding.


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