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National Cheesecake Day: Golden Girls quotes on life

It’s National Cheesecake Day, which of course, reminds me of Golden Girls. Some people are obsessed with Star Wars or they can’t resist puppies or babies or Beanie Babies. I’m obsessed with old people. Some people seek wisdom from Yoda. I seek it from Dorothy, Sophia, that lovable tramp Blanche and, of course, Rose. I... Read more »

Public Display of Grooming: Is this Gross?

I’m on the beach.  The sun is shining.  I’m SPF’d and under the umbrella.  I just finished savoring a delicious breakfast of Kona coffee and moist banana bread. The other beach chairs are mostly empty.  It’s quiet and peaceful. I close my eyes and listen to the water. This. Is. Heaven. *CLIP* What the F... Read more »

Princess Diana and the Royal Boy: Is she watching?

People are saying “Poor Diana, she’s not here to see the birth of her grandchild.” Yes, that is true. But, as Harry said about his brother’s wedding, “she had the best seat in the house.” It’s not the same – at all – and it’s very sad but she is not completely absent.  I believe... Read more »

Heat and Humidity: 8 Things to be Grateful for in this Weather

It seems like only weeks ago – because it was actually only a few weeks ago – that my news feed on Facebook was clogged with comments like “This is summer? It’s still freezing.  We didn’t have a spring and now it looks like we’re not going to have a summer!” Now, it’s clogged with... Read more »

Dog bite: One way to change your thought pattern

“Bad is never good, until worse happens.” ~ Danish proverb This is bad -  There I was doing my morning run along the lake and thinking “My calf still hurts.  I haven’t been able to run in days.  Why, why, why, when it’s finally nice out, this happens?  It’s been cold for so long and... Read more »

Chain of events: If one thing hadn't happened ...

I really wanted to go to Fordham Law School.  My family is in New Jersey.  I was already working in NYC.  I loved NYC.  All of my friends were there.  I was convinced I was meant to be there.  I was meant to go to Fordham for law school and that was that. Then, my... Read more »

100th Birthday Party: Just how long ago was 1913?

Anyone who reads this blog knows one thing – I’m from New Jersey. Yes, I lived in Manhattan, where I met H, who was transferred to Chicago in 2008. But, I was born and raised in Jersey. Still, I always knew I had cousins in Chicago. Not cousins in spirit but actual, blood-related cousins. How... Read more »