Three things my father taught me

The value of:

1/ Hard work
2/ Not frying your meatballs (just let them cook in the gravy!)
3/ Doo wop - The music with the best lyrics, in my opinion.  Maybe it's because I'm an old soul and a romantic and a Libra but I'll take these lyrics any day over the kind that go with a video of a girl in a lime green bikini gyrating on a car.
Yeah, I was born too late.

Happy Father's Day, Dad! Thanks for everything!

In the chapel of dreams
Every dream will come true
In the chapel of dreams
There's a dream there for you

Through the dark of the night
Though as strange as it seems
Every heart finds delight
In the chapel of dreams

It was until I found
This chapel of reknown
I've searched and searched
For peace of mind

I'm glad that at last
My empty days have passed
Now I worship at?

It is heaven to know
Just what happiness means
It is found at the door
Of the chapel of dreams

Credit: Billy Myles

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