Steve Jobs, please intervene! Has Apple lost its way?

You leave Apple.  It goes downhill.  You come back.  It goes up.  You leave again, sadly.  And, sadly, down down down.

I know you can hear me.  Please, Steve, you're our only hope.

As a lifelong PC user who married a Mac man, I was easily converted.  The reason, of course, were that Apple products are were just so easy to use.

For example, I learned iMovie in an hour.  I used to say this was the tutorial -
Step 1: You want your video to start with this picture there.
Step 2: Click on picture.  Put it there.

However, since you've been gone, Apple doesn't feel so ... Apple-y.

For example, we bought a new Mac desktop.  After buying two new songs, I attempted to add them to my old gym playlist and sync them with my iPod and ... not possible.  I have to rebuild my playlist?  From scratch?  If this were the old Apple - and I don't mean my old Apple computer - it would have been easy as pie ... apple pie.  Just put this there and that here and you're done.  No frustration in figuring out why one isn't syncing with the other and why the other isn't going over there when I move it over there and wondering if it's the new computer's fault.  Did we get a bad apple?  No. ... And yes.

Bad apple ruined the bunch when I attempted to burn a DVD.

I looked for iDVD, which used to be on the bottom of the screen with all of our other programs.  Nowhere to be found.  Hmm, it must be on this new computer somewhere.  I'll look again.

Then, I reached for the slot to insert the DVD.

No slot.


Head to the Apple store.  The best thing about Apple, if not the easy to use products and programs, was the friendly and helpful staff.  Well ... they're still friendly, for the record.

Apple employee: You want to burn your movie to a DVD? Ok, well, they got rid of iDVD.
Me (to myself): NOOOOOOOOO!
Me (aloud): Oh, ok.  So, how do I do it now?
Apple employee takes me through the entire process of rendering a movie and converting it to a large file.
Me (to myself): I already know this but I don't want to be rude and interrupt him.
Me (aloud): Ok.
Apple employee: And then you just burn to your DVD.
Me (to myself): Uh, yeah, that was my question.  So?  What's the answer?
Me (aloud): And, how do I do that now?  Where does the DVD go?
Apple employee: Oh... You can buy one of our external drives for that.
Me: And, how do I burn a DVD now without iDVD?
Apple employee: Oh. Um, you can just download some software to do that off the internet.
Me (to myself): Are you kidding me?

As you can see, very un-Apple-y.

Oh Steve, wherever you are, please intervene!


Calling all techie friends and readers:
It came out in conversation with the Apple employee that I can download DVD burning software that will burn a QuickTime movie to a DVD.  Great!  I still have my laptop PC (from my single days) and it now has the QuickTime movie I want to burn and a disc drive!  So, no need to buy an external drive.  But, a question I'd never ask an Apple guy - can anyone recommend DVD burning software for a PC? 

In the spirit of Roses, thank you for any and all suggestions and here's to technology.  My husband calls it 'fickle magic.' Hopefully, Apple find its way back to less fickle, more magic.

Supposedly, Jobs thought the name Apple was "fun, spirited and not intimidating."  I would describe my current experience with Apple as not fun, spirit-crushing and intimidating. Hopefully, it will go back to easy as pie, if not golden and delicious.

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