Stanley Cup: He's baaaaack!

I will not pretend to know a thing about hockey (I'm a football girl).

But, I did get this close to the cup and H shook Coach Q's hand and even copped a feel of Stanley.

It was 2010.  My best friend G and her hubs B were visiting.  We were having dinner and drinks at Lux.

G and B had gone to the parade earlier that day in 90 degree, oppressive heat.  They caught a glimpse of Stanley and got some good pics. We were so excited.

"Look!  You can see the cup.  You got so close!"  We flipped through the photos on G's camera.

Then ... in between looking at pics and eating my buffalo chicken salad ... something came up the stairs.

Huh?  What?  HOLY CRAP!  It's the STANLEY CUP. 

Yup, there was Stanley, along with the coach and the entire team.

Yup, just like that.

They were walking the grail around the neighborhood, letting the people get a glimpse and a piece of the excitement.  I learned Chicago is that kind of town - gotta love it - and for that I'm grateful.

Welcome back, Stanley.


Unidentified man holding Stanley Cup, Lux Bar, 2010. Copyright J Fernicola.


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