Anchor and Meteorologist Trade Barbs: Ever Been Hated by a Co-worker?

Yes. Make that two co-workers.

Picture this:
It was my first job out of college. I was a 22 year old 'associate' working for a female 'senior associate' and a female manager. Let's call them Annie and Marie.

So, Annie, Marie and I were the team assigned to a large financial services client. We worked closely together for months, ate lunch at our desks, got in early, left late.

You would think that kind of environment would forge a bond. It did - with the two of them who'd already been working together for a year.  Not for the newbie.

It also didn't help that they spoke the same language - literally, they both spoke the same foreign language that I do not speak or understand.  And, they'd speak to each other in that other language - in front of me.

There were also comments like this -
Annie to me in the elevator (in a tone somewhere between matter of fact and disgust): You have shoes to match every one of your suits.
Me (thought bubble over my head): Do I say "Thanks?"  But, that wasn't technically a compliment.  Do I just say nothing?  But, that would be weird.
Me (aloud):  Yeah. ... I like shoes.
Me (thought bubble again):  Awk-ward! I might be young and have no idea how to connect with these ladies but I don't think they like me.

My suspicions were confirmed when only a couple of weeks after the spring banquet with the client, I was at the Jersey shore - you know, where all good things happen - and who do I run into?
Annie?  Marie?  No!  Do they sound fun enough to party at the JS?  I ran into ... the client!  Yes, one of the young 20-something fellas we used to deal with on a regular basis.  Let's call him Greg.

Greg, over the boom boom boom that is the sweet sound of Jersey: I really liked working with you.
Me: You did?
Greg: Yeah.  I told Annie and Marie that after you left the banquet.
Me: What did they say?
Greg: You want to know the truth?
Me: Uh, yeah.
Greg: They said I probably liked working with you because you wear short skirts.
Me, mouth agape: They said what?
Greg (in a high pitched voice, attempting to imitate Annie & Marie): They said "Maybe we should all wear our skirts short like Jennifer."
Me: I dress very professionally.
Greg: They're lame.
Me: Excuse me. I need another drink.

Looking back, a little older, a little wiser - uh, well, definitely older - I realize I handled Annie and Marie in the best way possible. And, in the spirit of Roses, for that I'm grateful.
Honestly, would "Yeah, well, you wear the same shoes everyday and are a bitch. What can I say? We're different!" have been a better response to Annie in the elevator?
No!  Otherwise, I'd be no better than these two ...

Have you seen these two?  Talk about Awk-ward!

Thanks for reading!
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