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#ThrowbackThursday - A Letter to my Grandfather during WWII

My grandmother and grandfather were married on April 26, 1941. My grandfather was drafted one month later.  They did not see each other again for 4 and a half years. During that time, both my grandfather’s mother and father died. Here is a copy of a letter to my grandfather (Joe) from his sister (Ann)... Read more »

Stanley Cup: He's baaaaack!

I will not pretend to know a thing about hockey (I’m a football girl). But, I did get this close to the cup and H shook Coach Q’s hand and even copped a feel of Stanley. It was 2010.  My best friend G and her hubs B were visiting.  We were having dinner and drinks... Read more »

James Gandolfini - An Obituary in Tweets

Like it or not, this is the world we live in now.  Everything is instant – news, information and even condolences. I am struck right now by, not only the heartfelt condolences for James Gandolfini, but how honest and specific many of them are. Gothamist ‏@Gothamist: David Chase (Sopranos creator) on James Gandolfini: “A great deal of... Read more »

Three things my father taught me

The value of: 1/ Hard work 2/ Not frying your meatballs (just let them cook in the gravy!) 3/ Doo wop – The music with the best lyrics, in my opinion.  Maybe it’s because I’m an old soul and a romantic and a Libra but I’ll take these lyrics any day over the kind that... Read more »

If my favorite 80's and 90's movie characters had iPhones

I once asked author Jennifer Weiner a question on Twitter about whether she feels the need to incorporate social media in her books now, as opposed to her first book that came out in 2001 before the days of Facebook and Twitter.  She kindly tweeted me back, stating that she actually does because a book... Read more »

Steve Jobs, please intervene! Has Apple lost its way?

You leave Apple.  It goes downhill.  You come back.  It goes up.  You leave again, sadly.  And, sadly, down down down. I know you can hear me.  Please, Steve, you’re our only hope. As a lifelong PC user who married a Mac man, I was easily converted.  The reason, of course, were that Apple products... Read more »

Anchor and Meteorologist Trade Barbs: Ever Been Hated by a Co-worker?

Yes. Make that two co-workers. Picture this: It was my first job out of college. I was a 22 year old ‘associate’ working for a female ‘senior associate’ and a female manager. Let’s call them Annie and Marie. So, Annie, Marie and I were the team assigned to a large financial services client. We worked... Read more »