Kmart #ShipMyPants: I married a 'very punny Jew'

Once upon a time, in a land far away, a nice Italian girl from New Jersey was bouncing around the island of Manhattan when she met a 'very punny Jew.'

On 7/7/07, in approximately a matter of 7 minutes, she learned:
his first wife was Italian, he was 5' 9" but 5' 9 and a half when he had hair, a Jewfro he had called it and  ... he came up with the ideas for ads for a living.

The girl was confused.  Having spent the weekend before reviewing spreadsheets in a windowless conference room at the World Financial Center, and having for the past several years pretty much only socialized with lawyers and 'finance people,' she couldn't help but wonder "That's a job?"

She'd been going through her own career metamorphosis - working with a career coach and finally accepting the fact that she was actually creative and creative doesn't necessarily equate to painting and sculpting.

She asked five million questions (if you knew her, you'd understand) -

"Wait ... you get paid to be creative?"
"Did you say you LOVED what you do?"
"You love it?  ... huh ... What does that feel like?"

As it turned out,
and it feels good.

The puns would come.  It was inevitable.  He couldn't help himself (if you knew him, you'd understand).

"Matzah luck" (ok, not his best, I'm drawing a blank this morning)

Eventually, the girl and the 'very punny Jew' moved to another land - a beautiful, shimmering city with rivers running through it and restaurants to die for - and the girl started a blog but maybe it's the lawyer in her, she was very careful never to discuss his business - "Is it proprietary?" she would worry.  "It's a spot that airs during your Housewives show so, uh, no."  "I don't know...I'm not going to mention it."  Yes, she's a neurotic dork.

But, today, the girl can't help herself (when you see it, you'll understand).
Here is the latest and greatest from H ~ as I've called him from day 1 of this blog. Does it stand for husband or his name?  Hmm, you'll have to see the dedication to my novel when it's finally published to find out ~ but in the meantime, have a laugh.  It's Friday.   It's a love story.   It's a ship-load of fun.

Fern Ronay relocated to Los Angeles in 2014. Her first novel, Better in the Morning, the story of a single 29-year-old Manhattan lawyer who is guided in her dreams by her dead Italian grandparents, is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Follow the hashtag #BetterInTheMorningBook on social media and follow Fern on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat @FernRonay.


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