Behind the Book: Princesses of Iowa by Molly Backes

I haven't read a young adult novel since Sweet Valley High and, oh my, the times they have a changed.

From what I remember, Jessica and Elizabeth were never confronted with college parties, drunk driving, a social climbing mother and issues of social justice.

Which is why Sweet Valley High was nothing but a snoozefest and Princesses of Iowa was AWESOME.

Which is also why it was awesome to chat with the author, Molly Backes, for Behind the Book.
As you can see, Bethany and I really enjoyed meeting her and learning more about this 'reverse Cinderella story.'

Check out the video here.

And, in the spirit of Roses, here's to ~
high school being ... over!

backes photo

With the author for Behind the Book - Fern Ronay, Molly Backes, Bethany Clark







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