Cure for the Winter Blues: Ditch the Car

My mother (in New Jersey and always glued to the Weather Channel):  You're going to get 10 inches of snow!
Me (in Chicago and filing my nails):  We are?
My mother:  YES! 10 inches!
Me (still filing):  Huh...Wow...
My mother:  They're saying it's going to start around noon.
Me:  Alright, Ma. Who cares? What else is going on?

Not like when I lived in Boston.

Oh, Boston.

I was in law school.

My law school was in the beautiful suburb of Newton, Massachusetts.

Yes, the suburbs.

You know what that means ... I had a car.

Flashback.  12 years ago.  In good old Massachusetts:

Me (on the phone to a towing company): Um, hi, yeah, I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding in New Jersey and I'm supposed to leave in an hour... well, actually, right now ... And, um, well, my car ... it's... it's encased in a block of ice.  Oops! ... yes ... fully encased ... uh, I'd say it resembles a small igloo.

'LIKE' if you're a city dweller and will NOT TAKE FOR GRANTED TODAY the fact that you do not need a car and therefore, do not have to:
or Dust off
a damn thing.

Just go outside, get in a cab or on the train or WALK.
'Oh, someone shoveled all the sidewalks. How nice ... that it wasn't me.'

Grateful in the great City of Chicago

p.s. Stay warm. Car or not, baby, it's cold outside.


What you don't see in photo: Young woman holding bridesmaid dress high in the air so it doesn't touch the snowy ground and thought bubble over her head that says "This sucks."

car in snow

(Photo credit: Creative Commons. I did not drive a Volvo in law school.)

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