Brian Urlacher was my first celebrity sighting in Chicago

The  year was 2009.

The location was O'Hare International Airport.

More specifically: the food court.

More specifically: Dunkin Donuts.

I ordered my large coffee, 2 sugar, extra skim milk when I heard the man behind me order two elephant ears (Yes, elephant ears. I know they don't sell them at DD but they sold them at this DD. I'm telling you, I know what I heard ... and I know what I saw).

I don't typically turn around to get a look at people in line behind me but when a voice is that low and his presence casts a shadow over you, you're compelled to turn around and confirm that it is, in fact, not Shrek.

Well, not Shrek it was.

My thoughts went like this:

This guy is huge. 

This guy is bald like H (my bald fiancee at the time, now bald husband).


This guy is BRIAN URLACHER.  

I don't typically stare at people from the corner of my eye while pretending to check my phone but when Brian Urlacher is behind you at Dunkin Donuts and orders two elephant ears, yes elephant ears, and is now talking to two excited Indian gentlemen in their early twenties and taking pictures with them, you're compelled to stare out of the corner of your eye while pretending to check your phone.

He talked to the young men for a very long time - he was so friendly!
And I stared for a very long time - I have a thing for baldies (I married one).

So, farewell, to the second cutest baldy in Chicago.  I'll miss hoping to see you every time I'm at the Dunkin Donuts at O'Hare.
And, in the spirit of Roses, here's to friendly celebrities.
(Have I encountered unfriendly ones? Let's just say Regis Philbin gave my classmates and I the Heisman when we spotted him at South Street Seaport on our 7th grade class trip.  He's no Urlacher).


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