Behind the Book: Highlighting Chicago Authors

What is Behind the Book?

Fern Ronay (yes, me) and Bethany Clark, both lawyers and book lovers and writers themselves, host the show where they interview Chicago area authors about their books.

The hosts read the author's latest book before each interview and ask questions related to characters and plot and sometimes craft questions too, such as how to beat writers' block.  It's Inside the Actor's Studio, if you will, for writers in Chicago, complete with a James Lipton moment of questions at the end.

Check out our third installment HERE with romance author Jennifer Ann Coffeen, author of Priceless Deception and the upcoming novella A Deal with Lord Devlin.

Stay tuned for April's episode with thriller writer Lori Gordon.

If you are a book lover or author yourself, let us know who you'd like to see us interview next. 


This being Roses, of course, today, I am grateful
1/ for all of the lovely people I get to meet through Chicago3Media
2/ to Open Books for hosting our show - such a cool space and what a great premise (It's all donated books! Read all about it here -
3/ and for books. Books! Books! I love books! I love certain books so much that when I get to the last page, I wish I could wipe my memory clean and read it all over again.
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