A Tale of Two Easters

The Easter I planned ~

Wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed (insert Easter Bunny joke here; not another kind of bunny joke. This is not that kind of blog).
Run 7.5 miles.
Shower, apply the rouge and straighten hair in case anyone takes pictures that will appear on Facebook.
Go to brother's.
Eat distgustingly large amounts of amazingly delicious food.  Say "Ugh. Roll me back to Chicago" at least once.
Kiss and hug and kiss my nieces and nephews and kiss and hug and kiss them more until they seem slightly annoyed.  Rinse and repeat.
Eat pastry.
Eat Easter chocolate ('tis the season after all).

The Easter I'm having ~

Couldn't get up.
Run?  Not possible with a hacking cough and severely stuffed nose, which is not helped by the fact that my father smokes cigars and I feel like I'm breathing in an ashtray.
But, I haven't said anything.  I mean, he's almost 70. Let him have his one vice, right?
That last part is not true.  I've been complaining the entire time.  Loudly.  "I feel like my face is in an ashtray!  He needs to quit!"
And, so, I won't be able to annoy anyone with kisses and hugs and more kisses.  Aunt Jen is Aunt Germ today.

But, at least one thing has gone according to plan.  Yes, one thing has remained steadily on track.  No zigs or zags derailing this part of the plan -->  I have eaten disgustingly large amounts of amazingly delicious food.  Nope, haven't lost my sense of taste.
And, the Easter-Egg-Roll-Fern-Back-to-Chicago begins tomorrow at 8am.

Thank you, Easter Bunny!

Easter postcard, 1907.

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