Unlikely Football Fans: Me & a Pair of Nuns

I have something in common with these two.


We're all virgins.


You might look at them and you might look at me and you might think 'What could they all possibly have in common?' Maybe they all like to crochet?  Maybe they're all fans of Downton Abbey?

Well, if the title of this blog post and the blurry NFL Network logo on the bottom right doesn't give it away, I'll just tell you.  We all love football.

I don't know these ladies personally but H was watching television one night and couldn't help but notice them in the crowd.

We laughed about it.  And, I kept looking at this picture.  Look at them!  They're so excited.  They're so cute!

But, what was so cute about it?  That it was just so unexpected?  But, why was it so unexpected?  Can't nuns like football?

I was reacting to the nuns the way people react to me when they find out I love football.  Why is it so unexpected?  Can't girly girls like the game too?  Am I supposed to spend all of my free time shopping and reading the Bible?  Well, the ladies and I think not!

(Yes, I'm presuming to know what they're thinking.  Doesn't their body language say it all?)

The truth is football is a game that can be loved by one and all!

Now, I couldn't help but wonder, are fans born or made?  Well, I don't know what the ladies would say about that but this is my story.

Before H ~ I didn't know what a first down was.

I'm confused.  Isn't the point to get a touchdown?  That was me.

During our courtship ~
H would be rooting for the Cowboys.  I would be filing my nails.
But, I looked up once and saw one Marion Barber - when he played for the Cowboys and, I hate to say it but Bears fans understand all too well, it was when he was good ... when he was Marion the Barbarian.
And, I felt something.  Like a pregnant lady who feels her baby move for the first time, something changed.  I watched.  I couldn't help but root.  I got really excited.

Football is exciting! Wow! ...  Do people know about this?  That was me.

Further along in our courtship ~
It just so happened to be the year that HBO did Hard Knocks about the Cowboys.  And, anyone who knows me knows - human interest stories are my passion.  I learned the players' stories and that was all it took.  I was hooked.  The baby that was kicking in the football belly of my mind ... came out.
A fan was born.

Present day ~
The "Before H" Ferny would be shocked to hear some of the things that come out of my mouth now.  Not shocking in a "Ladies, earmuffs, please" way.  More like "Who are you?  And, where is your nail file?" way.

- Did you see that?  That guy got DECKED.
- Jerry Jones can't handle a coach with a strong personality but that's what we need.
- Did you DVR
A Football Life?

Yeah.  That's me.

So, who am I rooting for tomorrow? Well, if it can't be the Cowboys, let it be the Ravens.  I mean, didn't you see A Football Life about Ray Lewis?  It was amazing.

To the ladies above, wherever you are, I am high-fiving and fist-bumping you in spirit.  And, in the spirit of Roses, here's to the exciting game of football.  Yes, sometimes rooting for your team can be painful ... kind of like giving birth - Well, not that the three of us would know ... another thing we have in common! - But, when your team wins, it's magic, isn't it?  It feels like ... like divine intervention!  You know the feeling.


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