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Jennifer Lawrence and my 3rd degree burns

Jennifer Lawrence and I have something in common, besides the unoriginal first name. She is a member of the Banana Peel Society. If I were to ever find myself winning an Oscar, you can bet any amount of money I’d take a spill on the way UP the steps (That takes true talent. Anyone can... Read more »

See me on the Steve Harvey Show

Yup, right here for your viewing pleasure. There was a point when I knew he was going to ask me to meow like my cat. … And, I did it. But, in the spirit of Stop and Blog the Roses, today, I am grateful they CUT that part out!  Thank you, G0d!   ~~~ Thank... Read more »

Downton Abbey: An example of how life can turn on a dime

And I’m not talking about Matthew. Or Sybil, for that matter. But, on a side note, did you expect DA to rip your heart out this season? Who can take it? Anyway, I mean the real Downton Abbey.  That is, Highclere Castle. Since I am now obsessed with all things DA and, as with all... Read more »

Student Sues Over Bad Grade

Once upon a time at ChicagoNow, I was the legal blogger, a/k/a ‘The Bar-tender.’ I used to go to the courthouse and sift through all of the complaints filed that day.  99% of them were car accident and breach of contract cases.  YAWN. But, every once in a while, I’d hit an interesting one, like... Read more »

Killing the Angel: A Writing Must

My Inner Angel: You can’t do that. My Inner Writer: Why not? Angel: A book about a lawyer who wants to be a housewife? Are you kidding me? Writer: No.  Not kidding. Angel: What will people think? Writer: Who cares? Angel: What lawyer would actually not want to work and stay at home in A-line... Read more »

Unlikely Football Fans: Me & a Pair of Nuns

I have something in common with these two. We’re all virgins. Kidding! You might look at them and you might look at me and you might think ‘What could they all possibly have in common?’ Maybe they all like to crochet?  Maybe they’re all fans of Downton Abbey? Well, if the title of this blog... Read more »

Observed at the Nail Salon

Young woman getting a pedicure:  Did you cut my cuticles? I didn’t notice. I was on the phone. Can you fix that big toe? That one. Like, along the side, over there. Yeah, THAT one. Along the side. Can you cut that better? Another young woman getting a manicure:  You’ve been making them too thin.... Read more »