Observed at the Nail Salon

Young woman getting a pedicure:  Did you cut my cuticles? I didn't notice. I was on the phone. Can you fix that big toe? That one. Like, along the side, over there. Yeah, THAT one. Along the side. Can you cut that better?

Another young woman getting a manicure:  You've been making them too thin. Too THIN. It's making my nails brittle. Not like that. Like that. Like THAT.

There I was, thinking:
In the spirit of Roses, here's to those moments when I'm not the biggest pain the ass in the room.  Ha!

Yup.  Feeling pre-tty good, I was.  All quiet and content, sharing eye rolls and knowing smiles with my manicurist, Theresa.

And then ...

I walked over to the drying area,
reached up to scratch my eyebrow
and messed up two nails.

Me: Theresa! THERESA! Ugh! LOOK!

Ok, fine. I guess it was my turn to be the crowned P.I.T.A.

But, in my defense, I apologized profusely for being so klutzy and then ... well ... I didn't hold the P.I.T.A. crown for long.  In walked a boyfriend and girlfriend.

Girlfriend: Why don't you just get a nude on your toes?
Boyfriend: I don't want anything on my nails.
Girlfriend: But what about one of those nudes? A nude color. Look.
Boyfriend: NO!
Girlfriend: You're boring.

Knowing smiles could have resumed, but I refrained.

In the spirit of Roses, here's to manis, pedis and not comparing yourself to anyone else in the room.  Sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind. Sometimes you hold the crown, sometimes you pass it around. Don't judge.  But do, do opt for the exfoliating sugar scrub.  It feels divine!

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