Jennifer Lawrence and my 3rd degree burns

Jennifer Lawrence and I have something in common, besides the unoriginal first name.

She is a member of the Banana Peel Society.

If I were to ever find myself winning an Oscar, you can bet any amount of money I'd take a spill on the way UP the steps (That takes true talent. Anyone can fall down the stairs but it takes a true Banana Peel to fall going up).

And, if J Law were to ever find herself a lawyer/writer/reporter/blogger living in Chicago, you can bet any amount of money she'd spill lentil soup on her right hand while taking it out of the microwave resulting in 3rd degree burns ~ like I did two days ago.

Well, at least we have each other. Banana Peels unite!

Mix in a healthy dose of anxiety and you have me on Monday evening:

I have to pick up my prescription cream before the pharmacy closes at 7:30 and it's already 7:08 and it would be so much faster to go to Walgreens which is so much closer but my EFFING insurance company had a fight with Walgreens and now we're all paying for it and the doctor said I MUST use this particular cream and what if they don't have it, what other pharmacy is open late AAGGGH and oh wait what if my EFFING insurance company doesn't cover the cream, the doctor said it's very expensive if it's not covered but I MUST use this particular cream because it prevents infection, note to self: keep eye out for red line going up arm AAGGGH

Today, I am grateful that:
I made it to CVS before it closed.
They had it in stock.
It was covered by insurance.

No, it's not a great day when you get burned but yes, it could have been worse.

And, I'm not going to beat myself up about being a Banana Peel. I'm in good company. (And already in enough pain.)

I don't know if that's a silver lining technically but in the words of Tiffany, the character played by my kindred klutz and namesake in Silver Linings Playbook
"There's always going to be a part of me that's sloppy and dirty, but I like that."

Footnote: She was referring to herself being a slut in the movie
but it still works for a klutz in real life.


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Jennifer Lawrence walking confidently at the Silver Linings Playbook premiere.

Jennifer Lawrence


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