Downton Abbey: An example of how life can turn on a dime

And I'm not talking about Matthew.

Or Sybil, for that matter.

But, on a side note, did you expect DA to rip your heart out this season? Who can take it?

Anyway, I mean the real Downton Abbey.  That is, Highclere Castle.

Since I am now obsessed with all things DA and, as with all my obsessions, I can't help but want more information.  More and more and more.  Questions, questions, questions.  Search, search, search.

And I found this.

Once upon a time, in 2009, Highclere Castle was in a state of disrepair.

A total crap house!  Excuse the term I kind of just made up.  But, look at the pictures.  Ew!

So, there he was in 2009, the poor Earl ~

"Earl of Carnarvon, whose great grandfather is said to have been struck by the curse of the Pharaohs for his part in disturbing the Egyptian king's burial site, claims to be having sleepless nights over how - or if - it can be saved."

"The Earl, who lives in a modest cottage in the grounds with his wife and three children, blames a lack of repair by his ancestors for the castle's long term problems."

Then, in 2010, the first episode of the first season of the show that rips your heart out aired.

I think it's safe to say the curse has been lifted.  Maybe King Tut is watching from the great beyond and maybe, just maybe, he's a fan.  Maybe he has a crush on Edith.

Oh, Edith!  She seems like the luckiest sister of the three now, doesn't she?  Who would have ever thought?

Yes, life is funny that way.

In the spirit of Roses, here's to ~
the upswing ~ when life turns around in a good way!
but, also, for other things I file in the "Never expected that in a million years" folder which now includes hearing the word 'SLUT' on Downton Abbey.  Was that awesome or was that awesome?

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How pretty does Edith look?


And check out Mrs. Patmore? I forget they live in present day.



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