Three's Company Style Email Exchange

Fern (in the part of Chrissy Snow) receives an email from best friend V (Janet Wood).  It's a link.  V/Janet always sends Fern/Chrissy links, stuff she knows she would appreciate, like stories about funny old people or where to get the best mac and cheese in Chicago.

Fern/Chrissy clicks link.  "Lose Fat In No Time.  Fat Loss Drops.  Completely healthy and completely natural.  These drops will amp up your metabolism and give you the boost you need to see results."

Fern/Chrissy (to herself): OMG!!!  HUH?!!!  ... Oh ... Oh ...  Well, I did say how I ate way too much when I was home for Christmas ... and V's wedding IS in two weeks and she did tell us all she wants us to 'Look amazing, get drunk and dance all night.'  (exactly what I said as a bride)
I guess she really means the amazing part.  Huh.  But ... weight loss drops??  And I've never taken anything like that.  ... OMG my friend thinks I'm tubby!

Fern/Chrissy email to V/Janet: I don't know.  I wonder if it works, I'm always leery about this kind of stuff.

Ten minutes later.

V/Janet reply to Fern/Chrissy: I've been hacked!! You didn't really think I sent this to you, did you??

Fern/Chrissy email to V/Janet: Yeah ... I was like oh maybe she knows someone who used these.

And then Jack tripped over the couch head first while trying to fold up the ironing board.

Oh and then Mrs. Roper walked in the room in all her glorious, outrageous fashion (I always loved Mrs. Roper!)


In the spirit of Roses, today, I am grateful for
hilarious misunderstandings
and that this was a misunderstanding (as I catch a glimpse of myself in the full length mirror and straighten up).

Well, even though V doesn't think I need fat loss drops, I'm still going to skip the high calorie beverages at the Regal Beagle until after her wedding.
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