How a Coldplay Concert Renewed My Faith In People

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Countless are the amount of small life changes that occur when you stop working.  Gone are the days when I used to answer emails during breakfast and read about industry news during my commute home. That time has been replaced with the local news, which many times I find to be very disturbing.  Muggings, armed robberies, violent attacks…each day the headlines seem worse than the day before.  Negative information affects people in a range of ways.  I confess I am one of those people who started feeling a bit anxious in crowds.  During Christmas mass, I repeatedly kept looking over my shoulder.  To attend holiday parties in Manhattan, I opted to travel by taxi instead of the train.  This uncomfortable little knot kept appearing in the pit of my stomach throughout the entire holiday season.  Fast forward to December 30th, when my husband calls to share he has amazing news.  He has been offered two tickets to tonight's Coldplay concert at the Barclays Center.  Coldplay has been on my concert bucket list for a few years and Barclays is only a short cab ride away, so I should be ecstatic. However, I can't help but notice the knot has reappeared in my stomach at the thought of all those people in the arena.  So with a panicky feeling, I tell him I will see if I can arrange a babysitter for our son on such short notice and will call him back.

Just as I hang up, my mother calls and I share my hesitation about going to a concert I should be very excited about.   She offers me words of encouragement to attend the concert including, "It isn't healthy to start altering your life choices based on the acts of a few unwell people publicized on the news. " Even though I am 32 and have my own child, my mother's words provide enough comfort and reassurance that I decide to go to the concert.  Thanks to incredible proximity, my Dad is able to babysit on such short notice (Thanks Dad!) and my husband and I are off to the Barclays Center.

I am so thankful I decided to go, not only because Coldplay put on an amazing show and it was a much needed date night with my husband, but it reminded me humanity is inherently good.  There is something so inspirational about 19,000 people singing lyrics together.  Or watching friends dance to their favorite song and pose for pictures.  Or seeing couples holding hands and the smiles of tweens at their first concert.  It doesn't make the news, but there are loving interactions between people all around if you just stop and look.

So, in the spirit of Stop and Blog the Roses, I am thankful for:

- A Coldplay concert renewing my faith in humanity and reminding me you can't judge people based on a few unhealthy individuals
- At 32, my mom's words can still make me feel like she is guaranteeing everything will be alright
- My husband, who told all his friends who wanted to go to the concert with him, "The ticket has to be for my girl…Coldplay is one of her favorites.
- The woman at the Barclay Bar who asked for my ID…I smiled and happily handed it to her…32 years old and a mother of toddler…what could be a better compliment!


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