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Gwyn lost 87 pounds in one year! Find out how. Seriously, this is not an advertisement.

The direct messages I get on Twitter are usually of this variety: Did you see this pic of you? lol  0rder chepz f0ll0wers with n0 need Hey, this user is writing cruel posts about you Like any prudent person, not wanting to catch anything, I always promptly delete, delete, delete. So, when I got a... Read more »

"Even if you're not Jewish, you should still like potato latkes."

Says my niece. And, she is right.  They are like french fries.  And, who doesn’t like french fries? In the spirit of Roses, here’s to ~ 1/ potato latkes 2/ with apple sauce (per my niece) or sour cream (my condiment of choice) and 3/ the world through the eyes – and pencils – of... Read more »

Facebook privacy settings: READ THIS.

Oh, Facebook.  Can’t live with you.  Can’t live without you. Don’t get me wrong.  I am so grateful you exist.  Most of my family and friends are on the east coast and Facebook makes me feel connected and in touch.  I love you for it. But, I hate you when you do stuff like this:... Read more »

Kim Strickland discusses Down at the Golden Coin

In the spirit of Roses, many thanks to ~ 1/ Kim! (A City Mom) 2/ The Book Cellar 3/ my fabulous fellow co-host Bethany Clark and Bill from Chicago3Media for making us all look so good! Stay tuned for Behind the Book next month when we interview Deno Sandz, author of Blood Plantation at City Lit... Read more »

How a Coldplay Concert Renewed My Faith In People

Stop and Blog the Roses Guest Post by ANDREA SERIE  Countless are the amount of small life changes that occur when you stop working.  Gone are the days when I used to answer emails during breakfast and read about industry news during my commute home. That time has been replaced with the local news, which... Read more »

Read this. You will pee your pants. And, hopefully, not what he did...

In all the years H and I have known each other, we have shared many belly aching laughs. Reading this together last night took the cake. (Found on Reddit. Can be viewed *larger* at this link Click magnifying glass over image) In the spirit of Roses, today, I am grateful to whoever wrote this.  Seriously, thank... Read more »

Three's Company Style Email Exchange

Fern (in the part of Chrissy Snow) receives an email from best friend V (Janet Wood).  It’s a link.  V/Janet always sends Fern/Chrissy links, stuff she knows she would appreciate, like stories about funny old people or where to get the best mac and cheese in Chicago. Fern/Chrissy clicks link.  “Lose Fat In No Time. ... Read more »