I hate Cirque du Soleil: A review of 'Superior Donuts'

I hate Cirque du Soleil. There, I said it.

I couldn't admit it for a long time.  I thought something was wrong with me.  Everyone else RAVES.  And, while I would never say their gravity defying abilities aren't impressive, I'm always bored after 20 minutes.

I've tried to give it a shot.  Three shots, actually.  I've seen three shows in 13 years.  The first was in 1998 in Vegas.  It was Mystere.

My friends, collectively: Wasn't that amazing?
Me: Yeah ... but ... what was the story?
Friends, collectively, shrug: I don't know.  I can't believe what they can do.  Wasn't it amazing?
Me: Yeah ... but I don't get the baby at the end?  What was that all about?
Friends, collectively: Who cares, Fern!  They were flying through the air.  Wasn't it amazing?
Me (this was the day and age before smart phones and answers to all things at your fingertips):  Yeah ... amazing ... um, you know, I need to look at a brochure or a book or something about this show.  I need to know what the story was.  I have questions.  I have to know more.  Can we go to the gift shop?
Friends, collectively: No.

Then, a few years later, I saw O.   Again, in Vegas.


Then, last year, I saw the Beatles show.   Again, in Vegas.


And, that was the last straw.

Me, to my husband: Never again!  That's it.  I have to tell you something I just realized.  I hate Cirque du Soleil!  Yes, they're amazing and gravity defying and all that, blah blah. But, if there's no story, I'm bored after twenty minutes.
H: Me too. That was painful.

This past Friday, H and I went to see 'Superior Donuts' at the Royal George Theater.  In Chicago.  At a theater that can best be described as decidedly un-Vegas.

I didn't know what to expect but this was the post-show conversation.

Me:  Now, I would see THAT 1,000 times ... No! 1,000,000 times before I'd see any Cirque du Soleil crap!  That! That was a show!
H: At intermission, even though I liked it, I wondered how much longer the show was. But, that last half flew by.
Me: Exactly!  The story!  The story was unbelievable.  I couldn't look away.

In fact, I can't stop thinking about the story.  I want to know more.  Though, this time, not because I feel confused or cheated but because I fell in love with this story.

My name is Jen Fernicola Ronay and I hate Cirque du Soleil.
Go see 'Superior Donuts.'

In the spirit of Roses, here's to ~
1/ the honor and privilege to see all forms of art
2/ and the freedom to never see something again if you don't want
3/ but, above all, compelling stories that mesmerize, make you think and make you want to know more.

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