7 Reasons Not to Drink and Drive

'Tis the season for giving and receiving and, my favorite part, overeating and imbibing ... which reminds me of this entry from the Archives ~ always worth a repub ~ Happy New Year!


1. You like your face.  I actually overheard someone once say "I don't drink and drive because I like my face."  I know, shallow yet wise.

2. You like your limbs and other body parts.

3. You like your life.  Even if you hate your life right now, you're not better off dead.

4. You like your freedom.  Jail seems like it really sucks.

5. You like your money.  Lawyers are expensive.

6. You appreciate that other people like their face/limbs/body parts.  The only thing worse than messing up your own life is messing up someone else's...make that an innocent someone else.

7. You appreciate other people's lives.  Actually, there is one thing worse than messing up someone else's life - taking it.

Today, I am grateful for ~
1/ Vodka
2/ Champagne
3/ Taxi cabs.


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Here's to a Happy & Safe 2013!

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