The Kindness of a Mom and Pop Shop

H and I attended my cousin's wedding on St. Pete's Beach a few weeks ago.  We stayed at the Keystone Motel.  It was perfect - across the street from the beach, around the corner from the reception.  What more could you ask for?  It was warm and beautiful and fun.  Not so fun?  Realizing a little too late that H left two shirts and a pair of pants in the closet of the Keystone Motel.  Oops!

So unlike him.  I'm the one who's the banana peel.  H?  H is a cucumber.  Cool and chill.  He doesn't get upset about this kind of stuff.  Maybe he was born that way, maybe it's part of being a cancer survivor, whatever the reason, that's just how he is.

Me: Let's just call the motel and tell them to mail your clothes back and just charge my credit card.

How cucumbery of me, right?  Believe me, if it were my clothes, I'd be freaking out, all banana peel meets hot tamale like "Seal the borders! My clothes are all alone in a motel in Florida!"

Anyway, less than a week later, H's clothes arrived neatly folded in a box.  So nice, right?

A week after that, I checked my credit card bill.  No charges.  Hmmm.

I emailed Keystone and this was the reply:

Hi Jennifer, I'm so glad you enjoyed your time here & my dad was the one who made sure your husbands clothes got back. The Pack & Send doesn't accept credit cards hand keyed in any longer so my Dad (Bob) paid out of pocket. The total was $15.00 to send the items back & if you'd like I can fax you a copy of the receipt.

SO NICE, right?

Were they ever going to ask me for a check?  It didn't seem like it.  Anyway, check went promptly in the mail.  And banana peel and cucumber, fully clothed, lived happily ever after in gratitude to the Keystone Motel.

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