Is this a sign that I should stop shopping at Forever 21?

Yesterday, I was on the elliptical at the gym.  Headphones on.  Music blasting.  TV on.  Tuned to local station.  And, I see the following:

Shot of woman's legs clad in tights and ankle boots walking down the street.
Me (to myself): Cute boots!

Shot of woman, face blurred, walking down the street in a short black dress.
Me (to myself): Cute dress! Wouldn't wear it with those shoes in this weather, but cute.

Shot of woman in black skirt and leopard heels.
Me (to myself): Love!

And then, I see:

EXCLUSIVE. Investigation. 10 O'Clock News.


Me (to myself): Oh! Oh! Oh no!!  (gasp)  Do I ... have hooker taste?

Well, I've had the chance to sleep on it (in my own happily married bed! thank you) and have concluded that no, I do not have hooker taste.  I dress like what I am - a thirty-something lawyer/writer ... with a creative flair.

And, in the spirit of Stop and Blog the Roses, here's to:
1/ Tops and other cute items from Forever Ageless-1!
2/ And H&M too for that matter (no, it does not stand for Hoochie and Mama)
3/ Paired, of course, with pants, skirts and jackets from J. Crew.

"Darling, you know, this pin in my hair is from Forever 21.  Don't judge." ~ Holly Golightly*

(*not really)

Holly Golightly



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