Holiday Tipping Guide

Tis the season ... to tip ...
and I'm reminded of this entry from the Archives.

It's a universal truth. Cash is king. We all know that.

But, this time of year, when you want to give a little something to show your appreciation to certain people in your life who aren't family and who aren't friends but who you probably interact with more than certain family and friends, cold hard cash might seem, well, cold and hard.

So, what else to give?
Well, first, I wouldn't even explore the question of what else to give if this person is, by the nature of their profession, expecting cash.  Take doormen, for instance. I do believe they expect $$ and I do believe they deserve it.  Aside from guarding the entry to your living space, they also guard your dry cleaning, your packages, your privacy and even your pride.  As my friend CW once wrote in a holiday card to her doorman, "And, thank you for not laughing at me when I stumble home drunk."

So, babysitters, nannies, doormen? Cash it is.

But for others like the mail carrier, your child's teacher, your hair dresser, dog walker, newspaper delivery person? How about:
Gift cards (Starbucks, American Express, etc) - cash's warmer, friendlier cousin.
Or, a bottle of wine, chocolate, homemade cookies, store bought cookies, Garrett's popcorn, scarf/gloves/hat, warm fuzzy socks, warm soft blanket, delicious smelling hand/body lotion, candles, a travel mug or regular mug, an ornament, a nice picture frame, flowers/plant, a box of candy/fruit/nuts.

No, it's not a stack of royal greenbacks (and, of course, it must be acknowledged that, in this economy, everyone's giving/receiving expectations are tempered) but it's still a little something to say 'I know I pay you for what you do but I also appreciate you. Thank you for not losing my dry cleaning/my mail/my dog.'

Today, I am grateful for ~
1/ Our doormen who don't laugh at me when I stumble home drunk and who, more often, don't laugh at H and me when we order in Big Bowl at 6PM on a Saturday like the senior citizens we are.
2/ Our dry cleaners who last year graciously made space next to the cash register for the postcards for my book! Love them.
3/ Teresa at the Princess Nail Lounge who can go from giving me a Brazilian bikini wax to manicuring my nails without betraying even a single ounce of awkwardness.
I'm telling you, these people are PROS.

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Again, thank you for reading! Happy Holidays!!


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  • At least with the Internet, the steam has gone out of the following used in another city: "your independent contractor newspaper deliverer has purchased this calendar for you, and here is the envelope [for tips]."

    Hair dressers or dog walkers deserve something, but I am sure they are looking for cash. After all, you don't tip a waitress by saying "have a creme brulee and put it on my tab."

    As far as "bottle of wine," I know someone who would immediately regift that.

  • In reply to jack:

    Good points, Jack! Thanks for your comment.

  • Tips are for butlers and kids who shovel your snow.

    If the gardener is asking a tip for work done in June, he deserves a hardened fruitcake.

  • In reply to Andy Frye:

    Ha! Well, my butler seemed to like the cookies I made him last year.

    Thanks for your comment, Andy!

  • How much do I tip the guy that deliveres my paper on most days. Some days I guess he decides there is nothing in it for me to read. One day, the same delivery guy called me at 10:00 a.m. to let me know that he "forgot where the address is".

    Plus, I also never get a Saturday paper. (I subscribe 7 days a week). In 6 months, I've gotten like 5 Saturday editions.

    I think I may send him a "You Owe Me" card.

  • In reply to David W. Quinn:

    Yeah, he deserves nothing. He does not deliver. No pun intended.

  • In reply to FernRonay:

    In that, around here, whoever "delivers" the paper throws a couple at the condo garage door, without indicating which one is for whom, I don't consider that delivering the paper. That was a reason for not signing up for home delivery of the Tribune15 years ago, before I had high speed Internet.

    In the very old days, when there were evening papers, one would call up "customer service" at about 9 p.m. and say "I didn't get my paper" and some supervisor would drive one out. That sounds very quaint now.

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