iPhone 5: Scenes from Michigan Avenue

Overheard between two cameramen outside the Apple store on Michigan Avenue ~

Cameraman 1 takes out his flip phone:   This is my phone. It makes phone calls. It sends texts.
Cameraman 2:   Yeah, I'm like "It's just a phone!"

Tell that to these people ...

Yesterday morning, as I walked to get my coffee, I saw this.  Hmmm, I'm no detective but I think something is happening at the Apple store.

iPhone 5 Michigan Ave

Yes, yes, something is happening at Apple. Tomorrow! These people are going to sleep here for 24 hours?! Yes, yes, they are.

iphone 5 michigan ave

Today, the line wraps from Michigan Avenue down Huron.

iphone 5

And, alllllllll the way down Huron.

iphone 5 chicago

Cameramen catching Sofia Vergara taking her top off! No, actually, that's not what they're catching here.

iphone 5


In the spirit of Roses, here's to Steve Jobs checking his iPhone from heaven and smiling, knowing that he can still, single-handedly, boost the economy.  Thank you, Steve.

And, here's to all big things which - like everything - must start somewhere ...

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