Worst Waiter Ever?

H and I sit down and he takes our drink orders right away.   He scurries off behind the bar.

We wait.

And wait.

He brings our drinks and looks at us with that "Have any questions about the menu?" look.

Me: Can we get menus?

He then does what can only be described as a 'Chris Farley/Doh! head bang' and says "I always forget."

Scurries away. Returns with menus.

After we order, it seems our food is taking awhile but we're drinking and watching YouTube clips on the iPhone because it's 2012.  Not like the old days when people hitched their wagon out front and just sat bored in between courses (or told stories. Whatever).

He eventually returns ... with our entrees.

Me: Oh ... we never got our appetizers.

Insert 'Chris Farley/Doh! head bang'

Afterward, as we're walking down the street, giving the food a thumbs down and just after I utter the words "Never. Again." we hear shouting behind us.

"Miss! Miss!"

I turn around to see our waiter running toward us... holding my sweater.

"You forgot this!"

Ok. No one's perfect.

Today, I am grateful for that lovable buffoon who was nice enough to save my sweater and a funny 'waiter/SNL skit' story ... for in between courses at a future dinner ... at another restaurant, of course.


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