This is what happens when a banana peel like me drops a knife ...

Ok, thankfully, stitches not required and my husband cleans up blood from the floor and does quite the paper towel & scotch tape tourniquet. Thank you, Dr. Ronay!

G0d help me.
I'm staying away from anything flammable today ...

What's the klutziest, most banana peely thing you've done recently? Tell me in the comments. Please. Make me feel better.


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  • Last February, I slipped down 9 wooden outdoor icy steps; only the laundry basket I was carrying stopped a ricochet into a brick wall. At that night's acting class, my teacher said I delivered a great monologue....amazing, as I couldn't remember my lines, my vision was blurred, and everyone saw the enormous bruises under my eye and on my forehead spread like ink stains.
    At least I wasn't carrying clean clothes...knowing me, I would have rewashed them instead of resting.
    Feeling less banana-peely, Ms. Ronay?

  • In reply to tri63:

    Oh no! That's horrible ... and like a scene from a movie!
    Glad you're OK :)
    You definitely win the Banana Peel Award. It's invisible and therefore weightless so no risk you'll drop it on your foot. Designed that way :)

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