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Forget "Bloom where you're planted," says Kathleen O'Brien ... and my mother.

We love you, Kathleen O’Brien. For the sake of full disclosure, my mother loved you first. And, since she’s in New Jersey and I’m in Chicago, she reads you first in the newspaper.  And then she tells me what you wrote and I look it up online. Not surprisingly, my mother – the woman whose... Read more »

Today is National Cheesecake Day!

Which makes me happier than a Golden Girl. Yes, it’s the little things. Which reminds me that, today, I am grateful all of my favorite frozen yogurt places now have this topping: cheesecake bites. It’s the little things, literally. Because you don’t live near a bakery (edit: or frozen yogurt shop) doesn’t mean you have... Read more »

This is what happens when a banana peel like me drops a knife ...

Ok, thankfully, stitches not required and my husband cleans up blood from the floor and does quite the paper towel & scotch tape tourniquet. Thank you, Dr. Ronay! G0d help me. I’m staying away from anything flammable today … What’s the klutziest, most banana peely thing you’ve done recently? Tell me in the comments. Please.... Read more »

From the mouths of babes

Someone had to share a bench at the lunch table with my 6 year old niece J. My mother: Whoever has the smallest butt. J pointed to my mother.  “You!” Me: Hey! Note to self: Easy on the chips. ~~~ I was showing H’s 7 year old niece S some recent pictures, including a few... Read more »

Worst Waiter Ever?

H and I sit down and he takes our drink orders right away.   He scurries off behind the bar. We wait. And wait. He brings our drinks and looks at us with that “Have any questions about the menu?” look. Me: Can we get menus? He then does what can only be described as a ‘Chris... Read more »

Rude, angry people: How do you deal with them?

The other day, at the bank, I asked a woman standing near the deposit counter if she was on line. Her response:  What do you think I’m standing here for? Today, I am grateful for wise words ~ 1/ Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. – Plato Outwardly ~ As... Read more »

The Story of My Family

My great grandfather (my father’s mother’s father) came here from Italy in the early part of the last century with his two brothers.  They settled in Newark, New Jersey. Legend has it that, one night, one of his brother’s beat someone up.  (How classy)  Really bad, actually.  So bad, in fact, he thought he killed... Read more »